A bright splash of color in 1930s Chinatown with their trademark red headdress, the Samsui Lady was amongst the pioneers who built modern Singapore. An icon of Chinatown known for her strength of character and resilience, she leaves behind a heritage steeped in unspoken simplicity and humility we call grace. Everyday, the Samsui Lady looked forward to her daily ritual of a simple meal with sisters from her hometown. It was her deeply treasured moment. And every conversation, a magical reunion.


The legacy of the Samsui Lady is a big part of our history. Its spirit is interwoven into the fabric of our brand, the reason for our existence. We believe we have a big part to play in enlivening the Samsui heritage. With our heirloom recipes, we bring you the most authentic Chinatown Heritage Cuisine that will take you to an era gone by. Our signatures like the “Samsui Ginger Chicken”, the Chinatown family steamed dishes and herbal soups, are prepared with the same simple mastery and sincerity.


At Soup Restaurant, our culture is steeped in our philosophy of reunion. We want everybody’s reunion with their loved ones to be moments they can cherish everyday. For some, this is a tradition of homecoming. To us, it is Everyday Reunion.